Terms and Condition

  1. For Teachers/Tutors: Half of the first month salary is submitted to the organization.
  2. Drug and Alcohol Use: Totors/Students should never provide services while under the influence of drugsor school. They refrain from smoking while teaching..
  3. Gifts: Tutors/ Students must refuse any form of gifts from each other.
  4. False Statement: Tutors/Students should not make false claims, statement in course of teaching or
  5. Discrimination: During course of services Tutors/Students should not engage in unfair discrimination based on age ,gender identity, race ethnicity,culture, national origin, religion,sexual orientation ,disability,socioeconomic status are any basic prescribed by law.
  6. Sexual Touch: Sexual touch shall never be initiated by tutor/Student.Teacher Student relationship shall be maintained and any misconduct shall be reported immediately.
  7. Language: Tutor/Student must maintain aproper language and use ofsaang,abuses etc must be avoided.
  8. Punitive Method of Teaching:Tutors must refrain from punitive teaching
  9. Dress code: Tutors/Students are expected to use good judgement dressing in a manner that is presentable and appropriate for a teacher.
  10. Teacher’s demo is scheduled once he/she submits his/her form on our applivation.
  11. Technologically advanced and open to imagination and magic.


  1. After teacher is finalized the student should pay the fee after completion of first month in case you take leaves without teacher consent it will be counted as sessions.
  2. We understand if teacher fails to deliver all or part of the scheduled classes.Tuition kar lo facilitate finding a replacement.
  3. Do not pay teacher in advance ,Tuition KarLo will not be liable if teacher leaves without talking complete class.