About Us

Real India job team is powered by highly experienced professionals who are in the field for more than 10 years and successfully delivering results both to the employees and employers.  Our team is constantly improving day by day and we have a very strong bond with all the employers around India which enables us to find suitable jobs for each candidate located on any state.

We have a continuous requirement of candidates throughout the year and we offer jobs in almost every sector in the industry, From white-collar jobs to blue-collar jobs. We do check that the employer is a registered company and then after verifying all documents we shake hands with them so that the employees that we provide the would not face any issues later.

Our vision and goal are to revolutionalize the process of recruitment and that’s why our process of recruitment goes in a way that saves the time of both the employer and employee. Our team has made a recruitment algorithm that makes the process very fast, simple and effective. Just post your resume on our website after you post your resume our team will find out relevant jobs according to your skill, experience and potential after that we will connect you to the respective employer for further process.

Don’t hesitate to post your resume if you are looking for part time jobs, because we also provide part-time jobs in all sectors.

Truly, the results are fruitful because of the dedication of our team who always thrive and keeps them updated with technology which helps us and our partners to achieve the business goals.

Our motto is to make each and every employee and employer happy by connecting them with each other and fulfilling their needs.